Pink WallPaper

Recently my aunt told me this story about when she was nine years old came to Canada. This piece was inspired by her story.

My dad’s family left Germany/Ukraine after the war in 1948 and came to Regina Saskatchewan.  I won’t go into much of the details but from the stories it sounds so unbelievably shocking, scary and sad at times.

With the juggle of our busy lifestyles and complaining about mosquitoes and snow- we forget.  We forget about what we have here.  The safe, free, and do dare say, happy life.  During their life in Germany/Ukraine my dad’s family struggled.  They struggled on a daily basis.  Bombs going off, fear they would be imprisoned, starve or  killed.. This was normal life there. And this is normal life in so many parts of the world right now.

My aunt told me there was very little paper, sugar, clothing or toys… These were luxury items.  My aunt told that sugar and butter were so scarce that she would day dream about mountains of sugar and butter.

After days and days of traveling, they arrived here and stayed with family.

She told me about the room they slept in, in comfortable beds.  And then she told me about the wallpaper.

The room was covered in pink, rose wallpaper. She explained to me how she had only seen white washed walls before this and had never seen wall paper before.  When she told me about this her eyes lit up and her smile grew.  She said she just stared at it with so much amazement and joy.  Such simple beauty that we easily take for granted.

This piece is called Pink Wall Paper.  For me, it reminds me to take a moment.  To turn off my phone, to unplug from my problems. To appreciate what I have. To appreciate beauty.




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