My art creation process

What is my creation process? Well, I had to think about this question. Do I even have one?   I know a lot of artist’s carry sketchbooks with them and are constantly scribbling down ideas. I have never been a sketchbook person but I do use my camera phone.  I take pictures of things  I see that I think are beautiful and interesting. Sometimes even just a colour combination I will shoot and click.  Then I take the ideas I want from the pictures and create artwork.

I also looking to pick up new tips.  I look at art magazines, I watch Youtube videos. I try to keep learning new techniques and coming up with new ideas.  For my buildings pieces I wanted them to look like they had a graphic novel/comic book style. I took a stack  of book from the library and I remember scattering them around me.  Then I examined how these artist created  the comic book style and I took what I learned and created my buildings.

After I am done with the painting part I will take photos of my work. (Sometimes I get a professional photographer to take my pictures too.) Then I use photo editing Gimp. (If you are not familiar with this software it is like photoshop but free! You can also watch lots of YouTube videos on how to do things on Gimp.) I like to play around with the picture.

After that I make prints. I got into print making because when I started selling my artwork I was in university and decided I wanted my artwork to be affordable for a university students budget.  I never got into making a limited addition because honestly I never knew about it.  I went to Arts Education- So I took plenty of art classes since I majored in Visual Art but I didn’t take a class that discussed limited prints.  Now I make all sorts of prints and I feel like everyone can choose the one that best fits what they want and their lifestyle.

When I am finished my art piece I always look at it and think, Aw, I made that.  No matter what your creation process is or however you got to the end result-  I think whatever you just made you have to remember it didn’t exist before and that’s a beautiful thing.

“The Dark Bernie’s Peace Bird” Dark Bernie's Peace Bird


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