“Let’s Critique the Piece” Belly Cast Painting

Belly Cast Paintings.  -Untitled piece. (Maybe I will title it at the end of this blog)

Most artist’s would agree that a healthy critique is really important. This piece I did a few months ago and I ended up going in a complete different direction.  So since this artwork doesn’t exist anymore (except for a few digital copies) I feel like I can go to town on ripping it apart! haha aw. Okay, I’ll be nice.  IMG_0123 (1)

I will start with what I love.

The Bird

I love the bird. I really enjoyed painting her.  Looking back at other works of mine I realize I paint quite a few bird pieces.  It isn’t surprising why.  To me, birds are incredibly beautiful, strong, powerful symbols. (I don’t have any tattoos but one day if I get one I think a bird would be a high contender. Perhaps the subject of tattoos will be another post!)

The sunset

I like the sun and sunset behind the bird. It just sort of came to be.  The decision wasn’t really made -I just started painting it and it felt right.

I like the overall idea behind this piece. To me I think the bird is looking out into the distance -looking at her unborn child, her future…. (Okay, enough with the cheesy artists interpretations.)

What I would have changed or what I think needed work…

Peacock Feathers

I started first with the peacock feathers. -My client had mentioned she might want peacock feathers.  So I first created the peacock feathers before anything else. After I created the rest of the piece and now looking back I really don’t thing the peacock feather’s fit too much with their overall piece. However, I had taken so much time creating them that I didn’t want to change the decision. Even though it might have been a good idea to.   Sometimes if we have taken a lot of time in creating something it is hard to go in a different direction. This is such an important lesson. And I’m sure everyone can understand it. Starting over… well, sucks! All the time and hours spent can feel wasted. The main thing is it isn’t wasted. I learned a lot while painting the peacock feathers.  I now understand more about the medium acrylic and I learnt the shape and colour that goes into making a peacock. It wasn’t wasted time in the end. BUT it is really hard to bring yourself to start over.  (However, most of the time I do start over I am pleased I did.)

The Sun and Sunset 

I do love the sun but I wish I off centred it just a bit to the right. I think it would a nicer composition.  However, since it is on a round object I remembered it didn’t look so straight in the middle like the photo would appear.


IMG_9963 (1)I think it might have gotten a bit muddy blending into the purple in the sunset. I just couldn’t quite get the right purple colour. I also would have liked to calm the red down a bit.  It was just a little too bright. Which is something  I am naturally geared towards. I love painting with bright colours. All my work seems very saturated with colour I don’t even realize I do this until I see all my work together and think…. wow. I do like colour! Here is the before I painted the background and I think I prefer the piece without the sunset. I think the peacock feathers work better and the tiny bird feathers stand out more.


In the end I really loved creating this piece and it really got me hooked on acrylic. I hope you enjoyed my critique.  If you have any critiques or comments on this piece let me hear them… We artists are supposed to have thick skin, right? (haha -Be nice.)

Next entry I will show you the piece I created overtop this one. It was sad to paint over it but like I said before- sometimes starting over really is the best thing. The feel of this piece is entirely different than the new piece. I think the new one suits the client’s babies room much better.

I will call this piece. “A Bird’s Future”


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