The Dewdney Avenue Project – 162 hours… (give or take a few 10 hours)

The Dewdney Avenue Project- fell into my laps a few weeks ago. A friend from University (Rob Haakenson) contacted me about creating a piece on one of his tables for his new pub that was going up in Regina.  I had a strong gut feeling that this was a good idea and I had to do it. I took a break from my current collection -(coming soonish…) to create this piece! The pub is located on Dewdney Avenue in the old Fanny Fabric building- (haha which is what my mother still calls the building.)

A new coat of paint and an incredible mural (created by artist- Lindsay Clark) and numerous renovations and we get “Bobby’s Place”.  Which, if you have been lucky enough IMG_1840to take a trip to marvellous Moose Jaw you may have eaten and drank with much merriment at this establishment. And now we get one in Regina! Cheers to that!!!

Now… I had been given this piece to create but had already booked my ticket to England… Oh boy! What was I to do?! My flight to England was in three weeks. I knew I wanted to create a building piece so I decided to push myself to the limit and create, create, create.  I do work well within a time limit so I knew I could do this (If I just didn’t sleep, eat or speak to anyone).

Usually I create my pieces with water colour and ink but of course you can’t use this medium on an oak table. So I decided to work with acrylic paint instead. Gesso done, outline made and I am ready to lay down the paint.


I loved painting with acrylic. I noticed I could get the same effect with this paint in a much smaller amount of time. I was also able to get the thickness and depth of colour still.

FullSizeRender (11)

I was lucky enough that they have invented a great new product that makes fine detail much easier to achieve with acrylic. You can get them online or at Michael’s Craft Store.  I haven’t checked if they’re available at Norcal yet. They are Acrylic pens!  I was very pleased with them. Only downside is that they don’t have many colours but they are great for black and white.

Check out my short art video on this piece –

See the final piece on my website -Email me about art prints (Online store coming soon)


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