“My Water- Colour Layer Art Technique.”

I stumbled across my technique by accident really.  I like to call it the water-colour layer.  I discovered layering is really the key to most things that are done well. – (Especially guy clothes… Am I right?! )

A lot of people ask me if I paint my building scenes with acrylic or oil paint. I think the reason is because we aren’t used to seeing water-colour done in a layer method.  I use very good, thick water-colour paper. The paper looks almost like a cloth it’s so soft. I layer thick amounts of paint over the piece. This gives off a real depth of colour to the artwork.  I carve into the paper, I add more paint, I rub the paper, I add more paint. I love to pull out textures to the piece.  I use  pretty much any other potential “water-colour” device… From kids markers to speciality, professional makers… I used it all.  I even use a bit of my tears, sweat and haha sometimes my spit… (ew Dana!)

After one of these pieces is completed the ink is so infused into the paper it just feels so good to touch.  You will often catch me running my hands over the finished product. I remember all the hours I spent grinding into the paper, adding more ink. It is almost like a story in the end.

“O’Hanlons” was a commissioned piece I sold to a lovely lady.  I remember I spent a long time running my fingers along the finished product.  I had really perfected my technique  and I think I will always be most impressed by how this one turned out. (It might also have something to do with the amount of time my friends and I frequented this pub though!) 😉

Ohanlons new one much lighter copy


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