When do you know you are finished your artwork?

First response… never…

I am notorious for always wanting to draw one more line, and change one more thing. I just find I could always keep adding and enhancing. So I am horrible for last-minute touch ups and fixes.  There is a moment though, where you just stop, put your hands behind your head, lean back and say…. “I made dat. I like it. I am happy with my creation”. Sure I could add to it but I don’t need to. I am happy.  Probably good advice for most things in life… hmm ponder that fine readers. (haha yes it’s nearing 1 am now…)

One thing I always do is leave a piece for a few days and then and come back to it for final critiquing. Depending on the piece I also spend time photo editing the print and critique it for another round of fun…

I will usually get someone to have a look at it and give me some feedback. It helps if this person is an artist too.  We have all heard this before but having someone else give their perspective and ideas can really make a big difference.  (I will write a blog at some point at taking criticism…eek)

Sometimes you will hear about “Over working” your piece. This can happen a lot with paint and pastels.  Basically your work gets muddy – which means the colours start to turn grey.  I have overworked pieces but never ruined them completely You can always fix your mistakes – and sometimes those mistakes end up resulting in the best thing about your work.

So basically I think I am done when I feel good about the piece, and I am happy with it.  Ahh, being finished a piece is a blessed thing.     “Taylor Field” – I just finished this piece last night! Yessssssss!


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